Who We Are

We are a faith based 501c3 non-profit based in Pasco, Washington. We have collected donations to provide humanitarian assistance to people in Ukraine and some of the millions of refugees who have fled the war in Ukraine to Poland, Moldova and Romania. We have sent representatives to Poland and to the US-Mexico border town of Tijuana to meet and serve these refugees. We currently have someone from our team working in Poland with the refugees directly, and will be sending teams to Eastern Europe.

Ukraine Relief Fund

We are partnering with local groups in Ukraine for the distribution of donations, humanitarian aid and supplies. If you are able — join us in this effort to help those in need.

Vladimir Savchuk Ministries is a 501c3 Non Profit Organization (EIN 85-3477321). All donations are tax-deductible.

Distribution of Humanitarian Aid

Ministries we are partnering with:

Agape Ministries

  • Based in Ukraine since 2004.
  • Works in over 50 government orphanages. Teachers go in and teach Bible lessons which is apart of their curriculum.
  • They have 12 transitional homes that house kids who are too old to be in orphanages to help them get into society. They focus on helping many young moms so their babies don’t end up back in the orphanages.
  • Currently, all the transition homes are refugee sites. Their biggest one in Krivoy Rog is hosting 100 refugees.
  • They are also working on bringing in food to their locations because all the stores in their cities (especially small villages) have no groceries. But with USA passports they can transfer between Romania, Poland, and Ukraine.

The Grace of Christ Church

  • Ukrainians originally from Crimea started helping the Crimean people in 2014.
  • Based in Poland and since COVID they have partnered with local pizzerias and grocery stores to help people with necessities and have used this as an opening to share the Gospel.
  • Currently, they are crossing the border into Ukraine to help people get out while proving the basic necessities for those who spend days without food or water.
  • Also accepting refugees (moms and kids) into their church, helping set up sleeping arrangements.

Links: Facebook

Solid Rock Mission

  • All funds raised will go towards families, children, the elderly, as well as Christian pastors and missionaries from villages and cities across Ukraine.
  • Provides food, transportation, and medical supplies to Ukrainians in need.
  • Their goal for the next 10 years is to disciple and raise up leaders, ministers, worship leaders, etc.

Awakening Europe

  • Offering material aid to refugees at the Polish border.
  • Ministering the Gospel to those who are in need.

Christ for All Cities Ministries

  • Located in Kiev, Ukraine.
  • They often work with war veterans, orphans, and those who are blind, deaf, and struggling with major disabilities.
  • They provide groceries, clothing, medicine, and even shelter for those in need.


  • Moldpentecost is the Union of all the Pentecostal denomination Churches of the Republic of Moldova.
  • Over 400 churches are involved in outreaches across the border and in Moldova.
  • They are housing as many women and children as possible.
  • They utlize rehab centers, houses, schools, residential homes to accommodate the 87000+ displaced refugees

Links: Facebook | Website

Restart Charity

  • Led by pastor Eugene and Irina Burlaka.
  • They have a center for refugees that provides shelter and necessities of life.
  • Helping women and children cross the border for refuge.

Links: Instagram

Good Samaritan Charity Foundation

  • Ministry has been active for 30 years, from 1992’s in Odessa Ukraine.
  • Helping evacuate people from danger zones.
  • Setting up refugee center to care for the needy.
  • Hosting a feeding every day with hot food.

New Hope of Generation

  • Purchasing medicine and supplying local clinics and hospitals who are currently caring for wounded citizens and solders coming from Zoporozhye.
  • Assisting refugees with clothes, hygiene products, shoes, first aid kits
  • Preparing to receive a group of orphans from Mariupol.
  • Housing internally displaced families who fled from their cities

Salvation Church

  • Founded in 1983, their vision grew from 1 location to 187 churches, 86 mission groups, аnd 910 home groups.
  • Providing people with food and other vital supplies in Kyiv and its suburbs.
  • We evacuate the most vulnerable categories and keep serving to those who cannot leave their homes.

Doorway to Heaven Church

  • Pastor Yuriy converted their church to a shelter and is ready to accept internally displaced persons.

  • Creating food banks with necessities for anyone in need.

Links: YouTube | Website

Skinia Church

  • Pastor of 60 churches
  • Largest chaplaincy in Ukraine
  • Taking displaced people without homes into the church
  • Preaching the Gospel to Ukrainian military members

Together Ministry

  • Together ministry is based in eastern Ukraine. What everyone is doing now with the war, they have been doing this work since 2014, but now it is on a bigger scale. 
  • Evacuating people from Slovyansk and other east Ukraine cities. Recently the train station in Slovyansk was bombed so they need to take people farther. 
  • Provide housing, showers 
  • Evacuate people to Poland. Kids and those who are vulnerable they get to the safest areas of west Ukraine. 
  • Fill up vans from the west with supplies, and bring back to the east, fill up with evacuees to the west. 
  • Currently they have a meeting spot in Dnipro, where buses meet each other, one from the east and one from the west and exchange supplies and people. 
  • Their biggest need is gas and a bus (we helped them purchase a bus) 

Links: Website

Live Ukraine

  • Works at children’s homes with children in crisis and who lost their parents since 2016.
  • Currently evacuating children to safe areas, and getting them to Poland

  • Engage kids in prayer, exercise, education, spiritual growth.

Good Samaritan Mission

Rivne, Ukraine

  • Packing food and hygiene boxes that would last a family about 1-2 weeks 
  • Purchasing van loads of food and taking it to those hiding underground and bunkers. 
  • Bringing kids out of dangerous war zones
  • Bringing bibles to refugees. 

Changing Nations Together Ministry

  • Purchased large property 3 years ago in Oddetska Oblast. Have been working with orphans, elderly, and the disabled.

  • Since the war broke out the building has been used to host 150 refugees at a time.

  • They are in need of produce, toiletries, etc.

  • They have a van that transports necessities into the worse areas such as Marioupol. 

Links: Facebook

Praise Chapel House of Worship

    Romanian Pastor Nixon August
  • He is part of a church plant from Europe. They have 6 other churches in their organization. 

  • They’re doing work on the border of Romania and getting people to the station so they can catch buses, trains, cars to Bucharest where the embassy is.

  • They are shifting focus into purely supply transport to Bucharest as the need is great.

Almsgiving Ministry

  • Worked in Ukraine since the 1990s serving people with addictions through their rehab center and leading many to salvation.
  • They have brought over 10 tons of necessities at a time in 30+ containers (blankets, medicine, firewood, and over 100,000 loads of bread).
  • The team works directly with local churches handing out bread and supplies to those in need.
  • They provide medical support for refugees with a medical doctor on the team.

Links: Instagram

House of Bread Church

  • Supporting evacuations of people (gas and transportation).
  • Providing mattresses and bedding to churches that are sheltering those who are coming from war zones. 
  • Helping churches provide meals for their communities and churches that are sheltering people in their church buildings. 
  • Providing funds for purchasing medical supplies where it’s needed most.  
  • Hotline for people looking for a place to stay in Poland once they have crossed the border. 
  • Partnering with churches and individuals under Convoy of Hope to provide humanitarian aid

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    Kolya Kochay

    • Nick Khochay has served as a missionary in Ukraine since 1999.
    • Works with a church called Golgotha founded by Americans in Ukraine in 2000 and started churches. in multiple places.
    • Director of a public organization that helps families to adopt kids, host kid camps, and help low income families.
    • During the war they now bring food to those who are in need.

    Links: Facebook

    Voice of Hope

    • Has over 470 missionaries all around Ukraine. 
    • They are supplying missionaries with food, and basic necessities.
    • They are hosting refugees from eastern Ukraine who are fleeing to the west to find shelter.

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    If you have any questions please email Julie at charity@b.pastorvlad.org

    Vladimir Savchuk Ministries