Haunted House? 5 Steps to Cleanse It

by Jun 27, 2021Deliverance, Prayer

Haunted House?

Do you sometimes feel an unnatural cold? Are there spooky sounds with no logical explanation – including footsteps, doors that open and close on their own? Have you ever felt a heavy presence or seen dark shadows out the corner of your eyes?

Some people tell me of seeing a figure standing at the foot of their bed in the night. Others hear heavy breathing, groans, shrieks, even screams. Do objects move on their own or disappear and re-appear in a different location? Keep reading to find out how to get rid of that once and for all…

5 Steps to Getting Rid of an Evil Spirit That Frightens You:

 STEP #1: Check Out Your Faith Status.

To begin, If your house is haunted, you must ask yourself, “are you a Christian?” If the apparitional presence in your house is a demon, only the power of Jesus Christ can drive it out. Preferably, don’t do this alone. Matthew 18:19 mandates prayers of agreement as being the most powerful.

STEP #2: Find Out the History.

Secondly, If you are not the first occupant of the house, apartment, trailer, or whatever your living quarters, who lived there before? Did any acts of violence, such as murder or suicide occur there? Were the prior occupants involved in the occult? What you may discover could be the answer to your haunting. The history of the home is an important fact to getting to the root.

STEP #3: Clean House.

Throw out anything that could attract evil. Some examples are pornography, Buddhas, non-Christian religious art like mandalas or Haitian voodoo paintings, Masonic regalia, occult books like The Satanic Bible, New Age paraphernalia (crystals, sacred stones, etc.), or artifacts representing pagan beliefs.

STEP #4: Go Through the House With Holy Anointing Oil.

In haunted houses, make sure to start at the furthest extremity (including basement or second floor). Demons are supernatural beings, but when they enter our time/space material world they are somewhat bound by our physical realities.

As a result, they must enter through an opening. Going room to room, anoint the sides of each window, the lintels of each door, and any opening. End up at the front door- the symbol of ownership and right of entry. Also, anoint the door, and most importantly, command anything evil still present to leave by the authority of Jesus Christ.

STEP #5: Cleanse The Property.

Lastly, You may also want to walk the property on which the dwelling sits and anoint the four corners to cleanse the surroundings as an extra step of protection.  

Again, there are other considerations to cleansing a haunted house, but these are a few of the most common.

What Now?

In conclusion, the house may be possessed because you have demons and that gives them a right to stay or, there may be a curse that needs to be uncovered. Take action now and remember that, if I may paraphrase 1 John 4:4, “Greater is he who is in you than he who is in your haunted house.”

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