How To Be Free From Demons

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Have you tried to stop drinking, gambling, watching porn, and been unable to have long-lasting success? Maybe you’re able to stop for a few weeks or months but for some reason, it seems like no matter what, you eventually fall back into the same cycle?

Jesus said that if a person continues to live in sin they are slaves to sin. If they are slaves they can’t continue to stay in the house (John 8:34-35). That means that without true freedom, there can be no consistency.

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Here are a few things to implement if you are looking to have true, lasting freedom in your life.

7 Steps Towards Freedom

  • Recognize: Jesus said that He could set people free, but the Pharisees responded, “we were never in bondage.” One of the biggest deceptions of bound people is that they think they are free. The first step to receiving freedom is recognizing the need for freedom.
  • Repent: Through the act of repenting, we close open doors to demons, and the confession of our sin uproots any cause of demonic activity in our life. Some sins that we need to repent of are pretty obvious, but sometimes the Holy Spirit will convict us of specific sin that we may no longer remember. Remember to repent for the sins of your forefathers in order to close any open doors and break the devil’s legal right in your life. Repent of any unforgiveness, and forgive those who hurt you.
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  • Renounce: The Bible says that as Christians we have, “renounced the hidden things of shame” (2 Corinthians 4:2). By renouncing the acts of sin we commited, we are willfully breaking the connection that tied us to satan. It’s important to renounce our connection to the devil, demons, and all of his kingdom.
  • Resist: After we receive freedom, the devil will try to come back with the same thoughts, feelings, and situations we faced prior to the deliverance. He will do this to try and tempt us into believing that we are not free. We read in the Scriptures that we are to, “submit to God” (repent) and then, “resist the devil” (renounce). Resisting the devil means to speak God’s Word just as Jesus did in the wilderness and to rebuke satan when he tries to bring us into our old bondage. Although Pharaoh came back to try and attack Israel after they got freed, God had appointed a time for him to drown in the sea once a for all.
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  • Renew: Demons come to dwell inside a person with the intention of destroying their life but also to build a mindset within them. Once that is set in place, even when the demons leave that person, the mindset will continue to torment them. This is known as a stronghold. Strongholds are built over time and are destroyed over time. The Scripture says that our life is transformed when our minds are renewed (Rom. 12:2). Jesus said when we know the truth, we will be free (John 8:31-32). Real freedom comes when we align our mind to the truth found in God’s Word.
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  • Replace: We must yield to the Holy Spirit, at least to the same degree that we yielded to the demons. The Bible says, “where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom.” When we give the Holy Spirit the place of Lordship, we’ll begin to experience real freedom. God does not set us free so we can do what we want, but so that we can be filled with more of Him. If we miss that, we’ll end up attracting more demons into our lives. And as a result, our latter problems become worse than earlier.
Freedom is not the absence of demons, but the presence of the Spirit of God. Click To Tweet

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Pray With Me

Lord Jesus, I recognize that I need your deliverance. I repent of any sins that allowed demons to torment my life, and of any sin from my ancestors that has affected me. I close every open door in the spiritual world and disconnect myself from every chain that Satan might have used to bind me.

I command every evil spirit to lose its grip from my life and mind in Jesus name. Right now, by the power of God’s Word, I choose to think differently about my life. I change my confession from defeat to victory. I ask, precious Holy Spirit, for You to come and fill every empty part of my life, in Jesus name.

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